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About Us

Company Overview

Cross Country Solutions understands a growing business’s outsourcing needs and is committed to providing value-driven solutions. We offer clear-cut options that prioritize practicality and efficiency. With years of experience working with Filipino talent, we can attest to their reliability, expertise, and versatility. It is our mission to align this wealth of resources with startups looking to build their services.

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Our Mission

Provide streamlined business process solutions through outsourcing services that drive cost efficiency and achieve sustainable target-driven results

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Our Vision

Become a dependable resource for businesses needing to grow their enterprise.

Our Values

  • Conduct business with transparency, integrity, and fairness
  • Inspire employees’ personal and organizational development through skills and knowledge training
  • Help clients grow their businesses by providing quality service
  • Drive the growth of the organization via teamwork, meritocracy, and a safe working environment
  • Apply the highest ethical standards in delivering work to stakeholders both internal and external
  • The Philosophy

    It’s our life’s work to help your business achieve its goals. We provide critical outsourcing solutions that simply work. Filipinos thrive in customer service because of their honed English communication skills, experience in the BPO industry, professionalism, and knowhow in multiple disciplines. We believe these qualities are what an organization needs to embrace so it can grow. Put diligent and passionate people in roles they can thrive in, and be amazed at what you can do as a team.

    The History

    In 2019, the founder of the business, Andrea Ryan, made a strategic decision to engage remote service providers and virtual staff from the Philippines, aiming to save on operational costs. At that time, the business needed to fill positions that were critical to our operations. It was an eye-opener, witnessing first-hand the quality of work and the level of professionalism delivered by these remote team members. It became evident that Andrea was onto something significant: Any company looking for staffing solutions could greatly benefit immensely from outsourcing experts and professional team members who have been pre-vetted and further trained.

    Cross Country Solutions believes in the power of connecting businesses with the right talent.

    Our Dedicated Team

    Our team is here to drive growth in your business and extend our wealth of knowledge and abilities to you. Not only are we talented and hard-working, most importantly we are passionate about what we do and proud of the results we achieve.

    Let our crew of experts elevate your operations by tackling your process tasks and be amazed at the results.

    We’re growing! Join us and be part of one of the fastest-rising BPO
    companies in Philippines

    Outsourcing solutions to small and medium businesses that require support in their processes and operations

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