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Services You Can Outsource

Cross Country Solutions is here to help you get things done so you can focus on your core business functions. Whether you need staff for marketing your services, processing payments, managing staff, or handling customer support, Cross Country Solutions has the talent ready to provide reliable outsourcing solutions for your business processes.

We aim to give you options when developing the best solution to fit your business. You can outsource to a remote team that works from home or from our CCS office, or you can recruit individuals to join your team locally with Cross Country Solutions handling the onshoring and offshoring process.

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Back-office Staff Outsourcing

Back-office outsourcing tackles tasks such as data entry/management, payment processing and administrative support. These are the tasks that keep your business running smoothly but aren’t necessarily components of your product offering.
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Front-office Staff Outsourcing

Front-office outsourcing includes tasks such as managing emails, phones, inquiries, or anything pertaining to customer service. These are the tasks that assist the customer directly, through your communication and engagement channels.
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Virtual Assistants (VA)

Let our Virtual Assistants do the work for you so you can get back your most valuable resource, your time. We have a lineup of VA’s across a range of business processes. They provide expert services from remote locations. Ask your VA to spearhead tasks accordingly and be amazed with the results.
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Project Outsourcing

Does your work come in waves, or are you looking for help with a specific project? For such cases, project-based solutions are a great opportunity, allowing you to have the high-quality temporary staff you need when you need them. This is a great way to save costs and quickly expand your ability and capacity only when it’s needed most.
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Access to Pool of Talent

We have a pool of service professionals on hand to accomplish tasks should you need them at a moment’s notice. Aside from project-based billing, we also have a retainer system with monthly workhour allocations providing more flexibility in what tasks you want performed and how you want them to be divided.


All our service professionals have their own expertise. Allow us to choose the right person for the task and build you a tailored team for your process needs.


– Data entry
– Inbox management
– Appointment setting
– File management

Customer Support

– Phone support
– Responding to email & chat enquiries
– Managing live chat tools

Finance and Accounting

– Preparing financial reports
– Managing accounts payable/receivable
– Fixed asset management
– Financial reconciliation

Payroll Processing & Bookkeeping

– Payroll tax reporting
– Paycheck calculation
– Time & attendance review

E-commerce Store Management

– E-commerce product research
– Manage drop-shipping

Graphics and Multimedia

– Company logo & branding
– Website templates
– Infographics
– Photo & video editing

Digital Marketing

– Social media management and marketing
– Content marketing
– Email marketing
– Keyword research & SEO
– Website design & development
– Website optimization
– Website maintenance
– Lead generation
– Digital consulting

Human Resource Management

– Human resource and workforce planning
– Employee recruitment & onboarding
– Performance monitoring
– Learning & development

How it Happens


Assessment and Understanding Business Needs

It all begins with understanding your current situation and future goals. Once we understand your needs, a plan will be developed to meet them based on your business’ requirements.

Customizing Solutions and Proposal

Our team will create a customized solution with a detailed and transparent proposal and quote for your review and approval.

Matching the Right Talents

We will pair you with hand-picked, experienced professionals capable of delivering on tasks and solving your needs while saving on costs.

Onboarding and Work Implementation

Our team provides support during the onboarding process and provides staff with infrastructure, workspaces, and training so that they can hit the ground running and begin adding value to your business.

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