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Time Management for Small or Medium Businesses

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Time is a demanding taskmaster. Any ambitious entrepreneur—in fact any human being at all wanting to make something for himself—should recognize the opportunities for productivity that time affords. Equally important is understanding the penalties for not making the most out of this limited resource.

There is no shortage of industrious entrepreneurs and startup businesses keen on making a name for themselves. You can even say a lot of business owners trying to get their businesses off the ground are hustling and working doubly hard. The old notion goes, the harder you work, the faster you get things done and the more things you accomplish.

We all know this is rarely the case.

There is only so much one can do, right? There have been studies, books and entire business philosophies advocating for effective businesses to not rely on a handful of people to do everything.

Experts have found that for a business to succeed in cut-throat industries, their leaders should hire experts in their niche fields. Apart from getting specialists to perform vital tasks in order to keep operations humming along, this frees up the executive to make more executive-level decisions.

The most renowned brands in the world make it a priority to build systems that are self-regulating and, more to the point, time efficient. A famous example would be McDonald’s with their Fastfood chains by the hundreds. Imagine if the company’s leaders had to operate individual stores themselves. It’s self-evident that their time would be better spent focusing on “big picture” stuff. After all they have a worldwide empire to think of.

We at Cross Country Solutions believe this approach is scalable down to budding businesses.

Why hiring with Cross Country Solutions saves time and money

According to Human Resource researchers, employers traditionally spend a total of 6 to 9 months of an employee’s salary to find, hire, and train them. It is quite an investment considering all the steps involved from interviewing, advertising the new position, decreased new hire productivity, and diminished service capabilities. Not to mention, there’s training and onboarding. That’s a lot of steps to finally get a position filled. All that energy and resources amount to nothing if you hire the wrong individual or, worse, if the new hire ends up leaving the company.

What Cross Country Solutions does differently is it keeps the process as straightforward and cost-effective as possible. Our pre-vetted Virtual Assistants are ready to start applying their talents to your company. With our years of experience, we have developed a way to handpick our VA’s and make sure they have the experience, know-how, and attitude as demanded by your company.

We take the time to know your industry and what specific skillsets are required for your particular purpose. This takes out the guesswork out of getting the right people you need to help your company grow.

We understand the difficulties involved in onboarding staff members into companies of varying lines of business, not to mention different corporate cultures and goals. It can take years of involvement in evaluating individuals’ characters and competencies to flawlessly align staff. Cross Country Solutions has the experience and platform to bring on board skilled professionals with hardworking attitudes and match them with your business’ exact requirements.




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